Friday, November 19, 2010

Sushi Places Are Awesome

Get ready to get wasted

Let me just say how fucking awesome sushi places are. Alot of people don't know but most sushi places have a happy hour. Usually on a Monday or Tuesday. The general happy hour is around $2 for a 24oz of Japanese beer and around $2 for a large hot sake, which will give you around four or five shots.

Sushi rolls themselves can be pretty expensive but you didn't come here to eat, you came here to drink and get drunk on Sake Bombs.

Ask for a large beer, most likely you'll get Sapporo, which I think is a fine Japanese beer and a hot sake. Pour a beer into a mug about 1/3 and pour yourself a shot and place the shot on top of the beer mug with the chopsticks. Look at the picture below. Then slam your fist on on the table so the shot drops into the mug and then chug.

A lot of people find Sake Bombs hard to take down but I think they're great. And the best part of the sake is the drunk you get. After your 3rd Sake Bomb your wondering why you aren't drunk yet and then all of a sudden it creeps up on you. You face gets red and warm and all of a sudden your wasted and feeling great. Whats also great about it is that the drunkness seems to go away after an hour or so. Its hard to describe, you need to try it for yourself.

My friends and I usually run a tab up to around $40 for 4 people at the end of the night. Enjoy!



  1. I got to try a saki bomb :D

  2. I think I know what you mean by that type of drunkness. That's probably the best descriptions I've ever heard. :P

  3. great post! i like it
    supportin & folloing you!

  4. $10 bucks for a bomb night?! time to make a calendar

  5. I love sake, it gets me drunk as a skunk.

  6. i love sushi! eating it right now :)

  7. Sushi and sake are two things I love very deeply